Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two-Stanfield morning

Buenas Dias.
Just a few quick photos before we set out today. The plan today is to ride from Tula to Tuxpam on the Gulf Coast. Got a cell phone and my head shaved yesterday in town. I gotta learn more Espanol. Here are some shots of yesterday...

Suiting up in Santiago.

After riding lots of twisties, I took a break and looked down to this.

Silver never sleeps. She waits.

Tony having fun.

Two-Stanfield morning, Mexican style: air drying the gitch on the road.
...and finally, my attempt to post video. Unfortunately, the files are huge and a pain to work with, and I would rather walk around and explore than fuddle with it. I will post a few key ones to give you an idea of what is happening here. The videos I will post are of low quality in order to get them on the blog, but the originals are sweet!

All for now.



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  1. this blog rocks!!! I checked out the SPOT Tracker and the video today - more please. Enjoy the ride and beware of road obstacles - boulders and donkeys. Safe travels