Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mountain Ride

This is another shot of Santiego, just off the plaza. Note the mix of new and old trucks in the foreground. Mexico seems to have lots of new money and large gap between the middle class and the very poor.

Today we climbed over several mountian ranges of the Sierra Madres on our way South West. The above was on turn that had a very small shoulder to pull over and take a picture, most did not. And only some had guardrails. It was safe enough provided one took care.

This picture was taken on a rare spot to get off the road. As a couple of Canadians who were playing beer leauge hockey a week ago the break ( like all of them) meant a chance for some water. It was 90 degrees F at this spot. Between peaks on the climb were valleys that were basically desert with baking heat.

This donkey grazed on thye side of the highway accross from our lunch stop. This one was tethered, many were not.

Our chefs at a roadside trruckstop (shack). Pete loves the food here. I am less enthused but get really hungry so don't ask any questions for which I don't want the answers.

The roadside truckstop washroom facilities. ( in case you are wondering... NO).

We will post some more pictures and stories as the internet connections allow.
If you are interested in seeing where we are, even if there are not postings, click on the 'Route' link and then "where in the...". The link shows a map from the Spot tracker that Pete is carrying
and should stay quite current.
If is stays in one spot for several days pleas give generously to our ... OK that is not funny.......

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