Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orange you glad your not a banana

We didn't quite make it to Tuxpan today, but the riding was unreal. I think I may have published a vid to YouTube, but we'll see how that works out. The road out of Tula was like, to quote Phil Ligget, a discarded piece of string thrown onto the mountain side. Unfortuantely, it was too much fun to bother to stop and take a pic....We did get a few throughout the day though.

This is for the guys (and Jen) at Hillside: Mexican bridge rehab.

I stopped to pull this orange truck out of the mud with Silver. I figure I pretty much single handedly prevented a worlwide orange crisis.

At first I thought these were pets. Turns out they were lunch. Tasty.

Tony at our lunch stop at the James Edwards something sanctuary in Xilitla. It got over a 100 degrees today in places, and we needed some shade and a Modelo. Awesome road and a nice falls on the property, I think Tony got a pic. Wegot totally hosed by two kids that offered to "guide" us, and also "guard" the bikes. I think they ended up with a weeks wages, but hey, they were small and cute and hilarious. Samuel and Irma made out like bandits.

Silver caught off guard. Somewhere, tonight, a dog will not sleep easy...
All for now, off for another Corona on the crazy streets of Tamasunchale (say: Thomas and Charley). There's some sort of festival in town, they musta known we were comin'.


  1. Jesus, Pedro! Do you realize that just a few hundred kilometers west of your position, through the jungle, lies the Tequila region? You should probably swing by and pick me up a case of 100% de Agave.

  2. Pete, can you drink a Corona for me while you're down there? mmmmmmmmm....

    P.S. Sean and I are loving the postings. Have a great day!!