Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photos and Pregnant con artists

Today started in Ciudad Del Carmen with a huge breakfast (Americano for me, three eggs, some beans (every meal here has beans), coffee, etc. ) and then we set out to cut across the bottom of the Yucatan Penninsula to Chetumal. On the way out of town a guy pulls along side and asks " were are you going". We told him the basic plan and he said he would guide us out of town, "followz me". So we did. It was great, and probably safer with him leading the way.

At one red light he pulled out a card and passed it to Pete, and recieved a Canada pin in return.

Thing is he kept going, long after we were out of town and on the highway this friendly man was bombing on his Honda 125 and leading the way.

We decided to stop and take a picture when we got close to the ocean. He stopped and talked along. I took a few pictures, and then one of him, our new friend Damion. Damion.
He asked if he could take one of me with my camera, which was nice. So he snapped away.

Tony picture No. 1

Then walked over to me and asked me to put my foot on a nearby rock. Took a Pic. Then put my hand just so...on my hip.... Took a pic. He took several, I felt a bit like a manican. I kind of wondered why he was so particular, thought I should maybe comb my hair or something, but appreciated his taking the time.

Tony - final pose -`` the money shot``

We said goodbye to Damion, thanked him for his excellent guide sevice and time, and wished him luck. We took a look at his card to find out he is a professional photographer, I had been molded in the hands of a pro. Sweet.

The ride from Ciudad Del Carmen to the where we turned inland was spectacular. We stopped a few times to enjoy.

Why do Pelicans seem so happy?

Pelicans and their friends.

More, same only different than the last picture.

One of the 10,000,000 Mexican crossed legged dogs we have seen.
After we headed inland for a bit we stopped at Estcarcega ( pop 150,000) for gas and lunch. That is when all the trouble started. While gassing up 'Nicole' ( not her real name but we didn't know it yet ) asked Pete if we were heading to Mexico city, she needed a ride, lost all her money..... she was Americano and had a genuine Southern accent (only genuine thing about her???)
The gas station had one of two Burger Kings that we have seen so for so we figured what the heck. As we parked the bikes "Nicole" hung around and told bits of her story. To be honest we didn't believe it all, thought there was a whole lot missing to the story. She said she was travelling near Cancun and her money and ID had been stolen and she was trying to get to an American Embassy in Mexico City. Bells went off, but she looked absolutely awful, she was very dirty, pregnant, raggy clothes. She was begging for money and hope we could spare a bit. ( I know what you are thinking, would have seen through all this.. maybe you would......, but she was pregnant and filthy.... ).
We offered her no money but rather a meal from BK. She accepted, and she gobbled it down. We asked about her situation and got some answers but not too much detail. We weren't going to give here money but , Man, could you leave a pregnant hobo at a gas station????
Using a lot of pionting and a phrase book we found out where the bus station was, two blocks away. Pete put her on the back and we rode there. I tried to buy a ticket, but the ticket lady was very stand-offish. She told me the time the bus left for Mexico but wouldn't sell me the 850 Peso ticket. At this point Nicole was still agreeing to get on a but to Mexico, and at no stage did we offer her money. Pete tried to figure out why we couldn't but a ticket, we walk around, a security guard / official offered no help. Now Nicole is starting to say, "I'll just head back to the BK, but if y'all could help me a little that would be appreciated".
We told her we would try one more time, Pete went up to the counter.... This time the ticket lady slipped Pete a note that said " the mrs cancel the tiked". So.... seems 'Nicole' had somebody buy her a ticket before and cashed it in. As a general rule we don't give money to those that ask straight up, and our plan of waiting for the bus (twenty min) and putting her on it was messing her little sting game. Nicole wanted to get pout of there at this point, Pete was sending me hand signals to give her 200 pesos ($12 Cnd). I did (Pete and I spilt it later) and Nicole disappeared down the road, dragging her ragged pants as she walked.
Pete went to the window, thanked the teller, I did the same. Rosey the teller was happy to help in the end. Funny thing is we thought they had been really unhelpful, but they had seen this lady before it turns out.
The experience cost us $12 plus the meal. I really do believe 'Nicole' is bumbing around Mexico and living off her con game, likely with others and not alone. She is in real trouble. Maybe she is running from bigger problems, who knows. Turns out she didn't get much from us but our time wasted and the meal, which we would have given her anyway. But she did get us to bite, and she wasted our time with her plan.
Pete with Pregnant ``Nicole``, trying to help her out. Note the security guard guy behind keeping a close eye on her.
After that epic, we crossed over to Chetumal. We saw our first rain of the trip, but by the time we put on rain gear it had all but stopped.
Tomorrow Belize. Pregnant con artists take note, we are on to you!!

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