Tuesday, January 26, 2010

necessario reparar

As always happens, a 'funny' little problem with a vehicle turned into a bit of a bigger deal. I had an issue with the gauges not working right on occation.... to make a long story short the problems escalated and I ending up spending a portion of today riding with out gauges or turn signals. Mind you that wouldn't make me the only guy in Mexico to not use turn signals. Hand signals worked fine as required, and I looked for a place with a spot to work on the bike. Pete found a decent place for 210 pesos, or around $18 US. It is clean, a bit tired, but has internet.

The parking lot of our hotel is an inside court, like many here. The hotels surround, or nearly surround, the parking lot.

Turned out to be a bad common negative in a factory connection. Kind of hard to find initially, but one connection jumpoer and I am good to go.( to be fair I did have the connection apart before so I may have got it dirty or something).

Just as I was finishing the repair the gentleman on the right in the photo above strolled over to say hello. He and a dozen or so others are Mexica Federales, heavily armed police that patrol the cities and highways. These guys were armed to the teeth. They ride with two in the front and four in the back of pick-up trucks. Tonight our friends were off to patrol a local highway. They typically only monitor northbound traffic as Mexico is trying to slow the northerly flow of drugs. Theye were friendly guys, wanted to know about Canada and our bikes. A few minutes of chatting, then they put there large weapons on their laps and pulled lout of the driveway.

Tommorow we ride into the Yucatan fron Veracruz, still planning to enter Belize on Thursday if all goes well.

Take care all



  1. Dumb down your stories for all us non-electro geeks ;)

    Keep the stories coming!
    Smelly Melly!

  2. Nice Che shirt. I found a small book store in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. They had a few english books, by chance the only one worth reading was the "Motorcycle Diaries" Good read..got myself a shirt to complement it as well. I'm loving your guyzes blog.

    Putting on your left turn signal means you want the guy behind you to pass.

    The guy in front of you with his left turn signal on means he's turning right so don't pass on the shoulder or you might T-bone when he's performing the infamous farmer turn.

    Ran over my first dog 4 days ago....close call no damages to report.


  3. Hey Toni....why don't Tchyou say hello to my little friend..

    I see you guys have made friends with the local.