Thursday, January 28, 2010

A couple more videos....

I won`t go on about too much, as Tony covered it below. Just wanna say that 6 bucks was way worth it to have a pregnant lady on the back of my bike. Technically, that is three people on my bike, and that, my friends, is Mexican style.

As we stew in our Chetumal hotel room, we are getting our crap ready for another border crossing fretting about where to hide money, use the real wallet or fake one...the usual. We are both sad to leave Mexico since it was an awesome time, and we can`t wait to come back through and ride more mountain roads!

I have a couple videos explaining (to some, I guess) why it is so much fun here. If you don`t like motorcycles or mountain roads, then you won`t enjoy these much. If you find yourself tilting your head back and forth as I lean the bike, then you should get your ass on a bike and get down here. It is too much fun....

OK, linking in this blogger thing is really tedious...
try this:<<>>
Sorry to make you work for it, but there will be other videos up there as we go along. Just look for other video from "salmostrom" (that's me...), should be easy to find from the link above...

Just one pic from me today. Ignore it if you don`t know her.

There are Darbys down here everywhere...



  1. Hey guys....I am living my crappy cubic-hole existance through you!
    You think you guys have sore asses, imagine doing it on a KTM525, I have a rough time going to Zealand and back (although on my bike, sitting down is not riding it correctly).

    Excellent blog site, never been on one before, well except for maybe Lindsay Lohen's, j/k.

    Mexico is probably a good warm-up for the countries you are going to enter.

    You are doing awesome, keep it up!

  2. Hey Guys...

    Great Blog ... love catchin' up to what you've been up to on a daily basis ... over a Kaaffee!

    'Shinny Side Up & Greasy Side Down'!


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