Sunday, January 24, 2010

Falls on a hot day

Pete covered the day, I will add a few pictures. Basically it was a hot day and a very interesting ride.

One thing that is imposible to convey is the smells one experiences along the way, good and bad. A few bad are the diesel from many slow moving trucks that were lasted tuned-up when Regan was thinking about getting out of the movies, and the small garbage fires around each bend at times. The orange groves, orange trucks, mountain air, and sugar cane fields are some of the good. Here is Pete with our bike watcher and guide at the falls parking lot. Sam took us ten minutes into the wood to see the falls. Note that as I climbed high for just the right picture Pete and Sam decended, leaving me to find my way back without our Sherpa ( aka 9 year old Sam) and without the aid of oxygen. I managed.

The falls were really quite something, and the mist was delightfully cool. Note the local sitting directly in the falls to stay cool.
Falls from a higher perch.

We left the falls and rode 50 kms to our evening's stop. Note that Pete has his helmet on as I walk the street, I am not saying that it has anything to do with him shaving his head yesterday, but...
Fort those that care, the bikes are working well in the heat and altitude. Knock on wood. I don't quite have the ground clearance as Pete's and twice today I rubbed the skid plate on speed bumps. These aare the mother of all speed bumps, with a ramp up, flat spot, and ramp down. The ones that are high and narrow have to be treated with love. We are both running new synthetic oil and both turned very dark in what seems like a hurry. We will watch. I have a concern with the electrical, the gauges drop out and I loose the clock when starting once or twice a day. I added a few toys to the bike,I will revisit the connections and relays in the morning before we head out.
It looks to be cooler tomorrow.

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  1. hey kurley! ncie pics. This BLOG is going to be one helluva souvenir - so keep making good! safe travels hosers.