Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drunk and disorderly

Well, last night was an adventure in Tamazunchale. It was our second run-in with the cops, only this time, it wasn't for directions. After a long day on the bike, a great meal, some blogging at the local internet cafe, we grabbed a couple beers and went out to sit on the street and people watch. Within two minutes, we made a Mexican friend who just started chatting with us. A little apprehensive at first, we eventually warmed up to Eduardo, after he told us of his exploits in Fort MacMurray, moose hunting in Nfld., and also living in Windsor. Once he found out we were not American, we were the best of friends, so we offered him our last beer. The chat was really cool, so Tony went for a beer run so it could continue. We were just sitting in front of the hotel when all of sudden we were swarmed by cops. Tony and I had no idea what was going on but Eduardo was lookin' pretty stressed. Turns out, we saved Eddy's ass, as the local cops treat tourist very well, but the locals like crap. The cops withthe batons went for Eddy while the cops with the gangster style gold teeth was talking to us and pointing at the beer. Since Eddy was with us, we invited him into the hotel lobby as we kept saying sorry to the cops. Turns out, Eddy was a guest there too and was just out getting some fresh air. He later told us that he would have completely F-ed if he wasn't with some gringos. He said said there was no way he would drink a beer on the street if we hadn't offered him one. Who knew....
Anyway we chatted til 1 am with Eddy, he is a great guy, andinvited us to his ranch on our way home. He will teach us to ride horses which will be cool, so hopefully that works out.
Of course the late night, led to a late morning, and it was a wild day on the roads. Awesome twisties, some dirt and about 500 Topes (speed bumps). We rode until we were past our comfort zone and starting to get dark. We finally landed a great hotel in a really sketchy town. I think it is called Emilio Canzansa or somehting like that. So here are a few photos from today...
This means "Caution: hole in road."
Feel pretty stupid buying all the vitamin C at the Walmart in Laredo...

A statue honoring the hard workers of the orange groves.

Dusty little town

Dirt road someplace near Alamo.

All for now,


  1. Mel, it's gone - at least his will grow back. Unlike someone else's...

  2. Wait till you meet a woman with all of her teeth gold rimmed trying to sell you god knows what from her boiling vat of fat on the side of the road with dirty hands...whatta do? whatta say? Its all about the experience

  3. meet mexican justice..... duhn duhn duhn... have an orange or two for me. Smooth ridin