Thursday, October 22, 2009

Redy, Set, Snow!

Ok, Winter is here. Snow on October 22 - WTF. The plan is coming together to leave after lunch tomorrow. Gotta work til noon. I am not packed yet, but the bike is ready. Got some sweet ghetto pegs on Silver, oil is changed, valves are checked, new chain and sprockets, and the road tires are on. I hate road tires. They make the bike feel, well, like a road bike. What good is a bike that you can only ride on roads? Neccessary evil I guess. I will be happy when I put TKC 80s back on in Laredo. Ahha, the buzz of knobbies numbing your hands, and fenders full of mud. 4 degrees and sunny with cloudy periods tomorrow. Should be fun. I figured out the SPOT thingy. The "where in the..." link off to the right of the SOREASS - Route blog page should let you know where we are at. Can we go now? How 'bout now? Now?
SOREASS - Phase 1 is on!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for setting this up Wedge - should be a riot for the rest of us simpletons that can't seem to get our crap together and join you! Spot map locates ya's in West Kennebunk wah!
    Have a great trip man - watch it for the "black ice" down south...
    Joel B