Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phase 1 - Day 1 (387 miles)

The night before the departure. All packed up and ready for hockey at 10:15. Oh, and the bike trip too.

After working for the morning, sorting out all my job stuff, and finishing packing, Tony and I hit the road around 2:15. The temp dropped consistently from Fredericton up to Houlton, hitting damn near zero I am sure. Border was no problem, and we first stopped near Bangor at a truck stop for some coffee. It took about 15 minutes for the shaking to stop. Then, on to Portland, where we stopped for a hot chocolate and met some cool people, that we may run into later once in Central America. Who knows...
After about 550kmm we finally bedded down in Portsmouth New Hamphire, had a burger and a beer, watched some hockey and crashed.
It is raining this morning, but warmed up to about 5 degrees or so.

All for now.


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  1. It was a nice sunny day here Friday - Sean and I thought of you in the early evening hoping you were both travelling safe and had beat the weather. I'm stalking - looks like you are near Yonkers, Conn. I like that: Yonkers.

    Bike safe,