Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SOREASS - trial run

OK, not really a trial run for Central America, but the Dungarvon does has some similarities, such as it's beauty and strange native language. It also provided us with an opportunity to try our bikes fully loaded on backroads and check out our camping gear. Turns out Tony and I don't get along at because he is a jerk. Should be a fun two month trip.

Once I wheelied through this puddle, Tony forded this massive lake with giant monsters in it.

Tony demonstrates his mad skills in this video:

I am gonna start doing squats at the gym, so that I can help Tony with his bike from time to time...

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  1. Funny! We do this at every border crossing, In Guatemala My boxes landed on a poor green snake and killed it. It was 35 degrees I didn't care at the time but now I have remorse recalling the guy with the shotgun yelling at me for hurting the wildlife.- Greg