Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phase 1 - Day 4 (500 miles)

Ahhh, Monday and it's our final day of riding. Up and at'em even earlier, we are starting to get the hang of how to best pack the bikes and hit the road. We breeze through the rest of the Carolinas, keeping it pegged at around 80 mph, which was comfortale, given the amount of traffic and fresh road kill everywhere. You could smell dead things everywhere.

We started running into people that we had met the day before at a different truck stop. Weird. "Wernt y'all at that other, uhm, truck stop in Jersey yesterday? Dam, you boys are moving on those things." So, basically we are making he same time as a man and his Doberman travelling in a '78 Dodge van. Great...

Ha! There is a Darien in Georgia. This could have saved us a lot of time if we had known this.

Again, pics are at a minimum here, as we are trying like hell to not miss Monday night football with our hosts in Valdosta.
This pic is from when we finally made it in to the Kinderlou Golf and Country Club around 8 pm, just in time for kick-off. I met some of Tony's buddies and all I remember after that is that they had Yeunglings on tap, Micheal Vick was playing and that a grouper fish is from the Gulf of Mexico.
Final Tally: 1687 mile in 24 hrs and 24 minutes (riding time)
moving average of 65.5 mph with a max of 91.1 mph

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