Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Week 'til Departure

All right....... pretty much all the planning, yakking, bike modifications, purchases, shots, reading, and paperwork is complete. A year and a half planning is down to a short week of last minute checks and final packing. We fly to Valdosta, Georgia (via Bangor,Detroit and Atlanta) to gather our bikes. As per the Leg 1 entries, we rode the bikes to Valdosta in October and stored them with my good friends Chris Reid and John Robinson ( at Langboard's warehouse).

The plan has remained virtually the same since it was hatched; ride through each country in Central America on dual sport bikes ( Suzuki VStrom) sticking largely to back roads and dirt roads with a mix of adventure camping and the finest rural and small town Hispanic motels. Actually Peter is more the side-of-the-road camper and I more the motel kind of guy, but we'll do both as the situation warrants. The planned trip route covers some 18000 km, more if we zig zag along the way. As the calmer and more mature of the two I hope to keep Pete focused and safe for the seven or so weeks we will be travelling together.

We have no set itinerary but rather a general route plan. We expect delays at every border and poor roads and heavy traffic at times. We hope to see a few ancient ruins, a couple of volcanoes up close, and lots of good people.


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