Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phase 1 - Day 3 (500miles)

We had to make up time today. So, a slightly earlier departure was in order. We were past most of the bad stuff in the big cities and that allowed us to cram it in the fast lane (well, as fast as a V-strom would go loaded down with a bunch of crap). The goal was for Fayetteville in one of the Carolinas (can't remember which one). Deloris and Agnes, two nice ladies at the Holiday Inn, said that is where their tour bus was taking them, so it seemed liek a good idea.

Ahhh, glorious sunshine. Freehold at 9 am, this place ain't so bad. It was still chilly, but I was able to remove two pairs of pants.

Random toll booth pic. Total chaos, especially when you roll up with 20 cars behind you, fumble for neutral, then to get your glove off so you can hunt around your jacket and tank bag for change, then slip on the slime at the center of the lane and take off again. What is everyone's rush?

Everywhere you go in America, folks are terrified that gas will go up to 4 bucks a gallon. Hell, we celebrate when it comes down to that. This advert was on a gas pump somewhere in Maryland. I took the shot after a Ford Excusion pulled out. Doesn't anyone care what their kids will breath?

We stopped for lunch with Tony's brother in Maryland, when I spotted this. I stopped to take a photo and Tony went on to drop his bike in traffic. It was funny because nobody jumped out to help him, they just looked annyed that he was in there way.
"Dat Bama be Crankin' ". Styled on the back of a shiny Escalade with massive wheels. (That is a Jesus Fish on there too). Clearly proud of their new leader.
Not sure, this is just funny.
We finally made it to Fayetteville, and found a flea bag to curl up in. For 50 bucks, it was half of what we had been paying. A 6-pack of Yeungling Lager and some Taco Bell made for a good end of day. We rode the bike over the lawn and locked'em to a pole.
Found this little guy in the middle of the night when I got up. I don't care what anyone says, cock-roaches are cute.

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