Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phase 1 - Day 2 (300 miles)

Aii. Yesterday was freezing, and today was wet. The skies opened up and unleashed on us all day. We finally got ont he road by 10 am from Portsmouth, New Hampshire and headed south. Visibility was low, traction was iffy and comfort was nil. I had on 6 pairs of pants, a new record for me...

The bieks, just where we left'em the night before.

We deviated from the I-95 going through Hartford on the I-84 and got lunch along the way. We hit some crazy weather where everything fogged up instantly, it got hot (after all, I was wearing 6 pairs of pants), and the winds kicked up, providing for a hairy few seconds while you flipped up the visor and wipped the mirrors while being passed on the right and left by transports and flying civics. Later looking at the weather channel, my guess is that we rode though from the low pressure zone to the high pressure zone. Ain't no other explanation I figure. So, onward through a maze of interstates and tolls, then a bunch of crazy parkways to the George Washington Bridge in New York City. I'm not gonna lie to you, that bridge is terrifying on a motorbike in the rain. Didn't like it one bit.
Dinner was Mcnasty's at a truck stop, and we figured we might make Baltimore after dark. Once night fell, the rain picked up again and visibility was gone. I pulled over, and in a very non-Wedge moment thought that we were being unsafe and that we should stop. We decided to hold up at the Holiday Inn at Freehold New Jersey. I lived there for a summer in 1996, must have been fate to shack up there. Baltimore was at least two hours down the road, there was no way we were gonna make it.

It took us all freakin' day to ride 300 miles. Only 1100 or so more to go.

Sorry about the crappy pictures, but we were cold and wet.

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