Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to SOREASS 2010!

Welcome to the Southern Oriented Riding Experience and Sight Seeing (SOREASS) 2010 blog! SOREASS is the brainchild of Pete and Tony, and came about after a few beers at the Lunar Rogue Pub. It is a motorcycle journey from Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada, to the Darien Gap in southern Panama and back. It is proof that no good can come from a few guys going for beers after hockey...We will use this blog to update our trip for our friends and family, so check back often! Our other related blogs, SOREASS-bikes and SOREASS-route (look to the right --->), will detail our trusty steeds and planned vs. ridden trail, the nuts and bolts for some folks, and a yawn to others.

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