Monday, February 1, 2010

We exited Belize and entered Guatemala without too much trouble, and rode to a small town a few hours from the border
,near the grandaddy of all Mayan ruin sites, Tikal. This place is huge and was once home to ten of thousands of Mayan people, until it was abandoned around 1000 AD.
One of several Tikal Temples. "Howling Monkeys" at Tikal. Man these guys are loud. They swing overhead and basically scream at you.

Don't reach up too much while showering in Guatemala. The hot water header and all the connections, Except Ground which has been clipped off, are right there.

Pineapples at a road side stand- Guatemala.
Today we entered Hounduras, quite a story involving taking an òfficial` over 70 km on the back of Pete`s bike so we could `import` our bikes into the country. We were taken to the dock importation office in a big port city and did all the same paperwork as you would if you were importing ship cargo. It took almost all day,. All of this so we can ride through the country for a day. We have to `export`them tomorrow.
At the end of the day we were tired, hot, and hungry. While standing in a parking lot about to ride for an hour or so south we bumped into a couple of Canadians who live nearby. The offered to put us up for the night, we were served a great meal.
Today way tiring. Tomorrow we ride across the country to the Nicaragua border.
Take care


  1. good karma..give and you shall receive...water flow effortlessly around the blog

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