Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First thing, I need to apologize to all Honduranians, I have spelled the name of their country every way but correctly. It is Honduras, sometimes on maps I have seen it Hounduras. I think I pretty much butchered the spelling. Oppps. But my Spanish is improving, I can get the numbers about 50% of the time and have a working knowledge of over twenty basic words. Ha. Actually it is not that bad and most people are quite helpful.
I have had a few comments about my spelling/typing abilities. All I can say is that I did manage to get through school, probably should have been held back a year. I am learning to spell poorly in Spanish also. As for a helpful suggestion that I use spellcheck, well for some reason when I sign into the blog from a server down here the spell check performs a Spanish spelling check. So almost every word comes up wrong. Guess I could have used it for Honduras, Hmmmmm.
As mention, Ray and Brenda were a port in a storm yesterday. They just fed us a huge breakfast and told lots of great stories from about the area. Ray is a great story teller. The are originally from northern Sask and a pure Canadian oasis in Latin land.
Off to suit up and head toward Nicaragua.
Here are a few pictures from recent days....

This is the main market in the Guatemala town of Puerto Borrios. It is a huge banana and pineapple shipping port. Let's just say it was not my favorite town to date, if you find yourself nearby you mind want to pass it by.

This gentleman was providing security for a mobile phone store in Honduras. Such protection is at most stores, gas station and all banks. One bank I went to had a walk thru metal detector at the front door.

The little side door behind the fence is where we had to go to 'import' the bikes into Honduras. The same door was used by every broker bringing goods into the port. They all knew the drill and spoke the language. We did not.

Our Canadian friends, Ray and Brenda. We were also joined by Dave and Lynn from up the street ( from the Bathurst area).The provided great food and assistance. I had the best sleep in days.


  1. Nice that you met some fellow un-gringo-like Canucks! I wonder how the Canadian Olympic coverage will be for them down there. Oh, and it's good to see neither of you are in prison yet. Keep that up. -kw.

    PS: Tony, I've been spreading the updates around the 5th floor.

  2. if you stick around any longer, you might find someone from Freddy Beach there, like your retired high school English teacher. It sounds like an escape destination for Canadians.