Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surf's up dude !!!

The last few days have been relatively simple in terms of the packing, riding, unpacking dance that we have been doing for weeks. After a big push leaving Panama ( 550 km day plus a border crossing... btw 550 km in these parts is a push), we stumbled upon a great place to relax in Costa Rica and rest a bit before heading north. We were looking for a little town of the coast and missed the turn ( to a side dirt road) during one of the many rain forest type downpours they have here during the 'dry' season. It was good luck though as we found a good clean place being run by a Canadian and two of his daughters. Gilles, Maude and Angie cooked us a fantastic supper at the restaurant the normally operate for only breakfast. Gilles was a great host.

We stuck around for the next day, it was nice to not pack up. The hotel had boogie boards in the room so we tried our mad boarding skills out. Does medicare cover the surgical removal of sand from places that sand should never be able to get in? Pete also found out his suntan lotion was completely disolvable in water.

We went up the coast yesterday, took a small ferry to a jut of land in the Pacific and found a sppot for the night. This is a wierd town, surfers and pot heads and the type of start up businesses that support surfers and potheads. Pizza joints, surf stores, t-shirts, small hotels, bakery, bike rentals. we even saw lots of commerce happen at the table next to us a dinner last night as one young man tried to make a profit. trouble is most of his profits were going up in smoke as he operated his 'store'.

The road in and out is dirt, the main transportation is walking or small dirt bikes, the average age is twenty something ( at least until I arrived ), and , of course, there are the always present roosters try to out do each other starting around 4 am.

Today we will leave and likely exit Costa Rica for Nicaragua, and start a bit of a push for Mexico.

The chains need cleaned right away and the tires need to be replaced as soon as we hit Texas. Nothing will clean the helmet liners or riding pants.

Take care.

Go Canada Go ( Men's hockey)

The beach a short walk from our hotel. If you squink you can see Pete's suntan lotion washing away up the coast.

This little fellow crawled out from under a bush as I was hanging up laundry behind the hotel. I very nearly had more laundry to do.

Our hosts, from left, Maude, Gilles, and Angie

Pretty senic spot to pull over for a pee break. If you squint you can see Pete's, ah never mind.....

On the ferry we took we met Elvis. He is alive and looking young and hanging out in Costa Rica.

two ferries that pass in the afternoon.


  1. here's something to chill y'owt. Just went to Crabbe for the day with Lee. Great conditions. Still Winter here. That beach looks dope. Happy ridin'.....

  2. still Winter here. Love the blog. Great to see that you're still moving along the road. Canada just won its first ever Winter Olympics Gold medal on hometurf - in men's moguls. It was super-radical!!!!!