Monday, February 15, 2010

Nicaragua , Take 2

We are back in Nicaragua after a decently long day's ride which included one border crossing. We thought that we might get into Nicaragua yesterday but we took the 'coastal route'. It ended up being 50 km of washboard dirt road including three stream crossing and a 3 km beach road. I must say that parts were pretty fun, although Pete loves the big bad dirt roads and all they stand for more than I do. But happy to report that both bikes stayed upright even with the one lane bridges and gravel turns.

At one point we asked for direction ( shocked aren't you), and a helpful guy looked at our bikes and said ' you might be able to take the beach road'. So we did, it had a few moments of front wheel sand plowing and /or rear wheel sinking but it was fine. The exit was even marked with a makeshift sign by the locals. Pete rode through the deep loose sand at the exit path, I looked more like a guy trying to tame a scalded cat, but even without any style points it worked.

We were pretty high up on the coast a few times on the dirt road, which led to amazing views. The road turned to pavement and we found a little town with a hotel and a bank. Then we cleaned our chains. ( for sale: 2008 Suzuki DL 650 V Strom as is. Only taken on one trip. registered in 9 countries. Needs some cleaning.)

This morning we headed for Nicaragua and were greeted at the border with a line of several busses worth of people clearing out of Costa Rica immigration. The wait was approximately four hours. A 'helper' said for $20 he could get us on our way in 10 minutes. He did. He knows people. He walked straight into the building and came out with all the paperwork and stamped passports. We stood by the bikes. Hmmmmmm, sometimes you let the 'system' work for you and don't ask too much.
Entering Nicaragua was quite simple as we had been through it before and had the old paperwork. It was not even that hot out, mid eighties which makes Central America border crossing fun and delightful.

We found a decent spot near the Pacific, and plan to get into Hounduras tomorrow.

Take Care.


Beach road ending. Mostly hard packed but with enough loose piles of shells and dry sand to make it interesting.

Path from the beach road to the 'road'.

Scene from one of the twisty gravel hairpin turns.

Line, or mob, waiting to get into Costa Rica immigration. Once inside there was a more organized mod.

Trucks leaving Costa Rica and entering Nicaragua. They never stop, just snail along on the dirt road as direction by agents.

Back in Nicaragua. We had just ordered something, which turned out to be decent. Pete is staring at a poster for a local beer and wondering how to ask if he can have it 'cause it would look great in his garage. He now owns the poster.

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  1. Peter, I knew that you were contemplating the more important things in life.... I wish you a smooth ride.