Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everything is BIGGER in Texas

The day started in Louisiana and ended in Seguin, just outside San Antonio. We did something like 650km, but decided to get sidetracked around midday.
We decided to detour into Houston as Pete wanted to get a new helmet. After borrowing the Internet from a Comfort in just off I10 we located a close by bike shop. Pete found a helmet and I found some a sweet set of light weight riding pants, suitable for Central America. Now the problem is you can't wear two helmets or wear two pairs of pants and space is limited on the bikes, so we decided to mail the extra stuff home.
Our friendly bike store manager took our packed boxes to the FedEx store a mile away and we followed on the bikes, but the FedEx folks wanted a small fortune to send our stuff. So we followed the manager guy (Merril, he was real helpful) to a US Postal office a few miles away. A short hour later ( seriously, OMG the paperwork) our extra stuff was on it's way and so were we, west.
We left Houston at rush hour, but the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane on the I10 worked well. I guess it was an E-Z Pass lane but we didn't see a booth, really.
Tomorrow we meet some guy named Hank in Dilley just south of San Antonio (we met him online and shipped some tires to him, we really hope he actually exists) to get new tires put on before crossing into Mexico on Thursday morning.


  1. two ehaust, better dan one; why not two helmet, tabernacle? kool blog. Please picl me up one of those big cowboyhats, not the foam one, and mail it US POST. safe traevls.