Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

Miles and miles of swamp, lakes, swamp, rivers and swamp in lower Louisiana. The bridges on I10 went for miles.

The French Quarter in New Orleans.

Pete being told to move his bike out of the loading zone by a friendly restaurant owner.

We finished off the Florida Panhandle, crossed the bottom of Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana. Since we will never likely get a chance again we decided to ride straight into the French Quater of New Orleans. On the way in we say blocks of houses with roofs missing and similar, leftovers from Katrina. Most of these houses were just abondoned, some had an attempt at a fix.

The French Quarter was not flooded by Katrina. It was interesting to ride the maze of narrow streets. We decided to eat lunch, and because of my seafood alergy I was told by a biker that we met that "dang, y'all in the wroooong place".
We settled in Lafayette for the night, Texas tomorrow.

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