Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, it has come down to this. Two bikes in the back of a 10 foot Uhaul van heading northeast from Baton Rouge La.

We always had planned that we would head into Texas and skirt across the bottom states, turn up the eastern seaboard and go as far as winter would allow. We had no idea that winter would catch up to us in Baton Rouge. The last day of riding, 180 miles or so east from Sealy Texas, was simply awful. The wind and gusts and heavy heavy rain were as bad as riding gets, with temperatures around 40 F.

We stayed the night in Baton Rouge , pretty much exhausted from the day riding. We felt a bit wimpy about being a couple of Canadians with our butts kicked by wintery weather in the southern US. But you can't ride in snow, and riding below 40 F for over 2000 miles is slow going and less than optimal.

In the morning we looked at the weather channel, the PC, maps, etc. There was no was to get around the snow and rain that was hitting Atlanta, Knoxville, etc. So, we were faced with staying put for two or three days and hoping for better weather, or renting a van and making tracks. We rented.

We drove straight to my brother's in Annapolis Md, ( and his wife Michelle and son Jack (they were going to name him Tony after me but wanted somehow that changed to "jack", huh? i dunno.. He is also my godson, so if anything happens we will all be calling the little guy TONY)).

Now we plan to drive the van to Houlton and go from there. Perhaps we will take in a hockey game in NY tomorrow ( Sid and the Pens are playing the Rangers).

Riding a van is warmer, but less cool. Turns out we do get along while traveling and being able to talk to each other. Who would have thought?

We'll be home on Saturday or Sunday likely. I plan to sleep for a few days. And get a hair cut.

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  1. Well congratulations guys, you did a great job!

    I'm glad everyone is o.k., it could have been worst I guess (Goggle, ironically Danny Hamel sometime). Part of the lack of laws deal I guess.

    Now when you are bored at work or home, you can drift off to your memory banks.


    Tom H.