Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today we rode 500 km toward Peblo Mexico over the twistiest mountain road I have ever seen. On the first part we went over 225km on the bikes to cover 80km as the crow flies. The second part was on an amazing toll road through high mountains c/w fantastic bridges and road building. Sides of the mountain were carved away for the road and there was one tunnel. What a great place to ride a motorcycle. It is as good as riding a motorcycle gets, and as good as riding in a strange, large, impatient Central American city is bad.

We did that today too, in Oaxaca. At one point a four lane road ( which the taxis turn into a six lane road) criss crossed at a street light so , for a few blocks, you were driving on the wrong side, UK style. Then back again at a light. Everybody knew what was going on except the two Canadian fool on bikes wearing their protective snowsuites in the 100 degree heat. Did I mention the taxis? Nuts.

The weather day was perfect in the mountains, a few clouds to break up the sun, and it even was a little cool at our highest point today ( 7000 feet +). The bikes acted a underpowered at times in the thin air.

Tomorrow we skirt around Mexico City (crazy place to drive) and head northwest toward home.

One more shot of Antigua. That is a volcano over the street arch.

Rugged mountains south of Oaxaca. depending on the elevation were were in there were cactus ( roadrunner style), shrubby trees, or just a little grass.

Picture of road curve taken from a 'rest stop'.

This is a cropping of the sign in the picture above, warning of a dangerous curve in 200m. Note that the curve in front of the sign didn't get a sign as it was typical of the road. The curve that we were warned about went around a peak and curved almost back on itself.

Cactus hills

Entering the dry plains near Pueblo. This place is dry and hot, not much can grow.


  1. That 'cactus' in the photo looks like it might be blue agave! Mmmmm. Tequila.

  2. BTW. It's been above freezing here for that last week (at least). There's no snow. People have their bikes out! You guys could probably bike home from Georgia if you could get past the mid-Atlantic snow belt.