Friday, January 22, 2010

We made it in!! Our guy Hank advised staying away from the Neuvo Laredo bordere and cross twenty miles upriver at Columbia, so we did. I expected a bit of a market scene but the place was empty. We went to the wrong building first, then got sorted with imigration and the require motorcycle import paper work. We were an hour, we could have been 20 minutes if we knew what we were doing. Above are our offical Mexican greeters.

We went about five miles, stopped and took a break and a liquid refresher and headed south. We essentially headed accross the desert to Monterey, Mexico's third largest city. It was sorta nuts, but manageable. I think we got lost once, some lady in a Xtrail is motorcycle blind, and red means go if it has only been red for a short time.

We headed further south on I85 until finally getting to hungry and tired to go on. With the help of a nice cop, two school girls ( who spoke english after Pete stammered on in Spanish for a little while), we found a decent ?? hotel. The town was one of many called Santiago, Mexico. It has a newly completed (almost) main square which featured a very impressive church. Most towns here have a square or plaza as a hub, always off the main highway and sometimes hard to find.

I will post a few pictures on the next entry.

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