Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pensacola Florida, 335km

Today was the first riding day on leg 2 of Soreass, Valdosta to Panama. After we had breakfast with Cindy she drove us to the Langboard plant. She is so nice to us. After we got to the plant we took a good two hours to unpack all our crap and repack the side carriers and drybags. We also fitted the bike to bike communications and Pete's latest toy, a bike mounted video camera.

Some time after lunch we headed out accross Georgia 84 to Interstate 10 West. We crossed the Florida line sometime late afternoon and almost immediately the temp started to drop. By the time we were on I10 it was in the mid fifties. We were getting a bit cool riding. Then I spotted a bike in the mirror. It closed quickly. Racing by us was a single seater HD with a` dude` riding and a `lady`perched on a spot somewhere between his seat and the rear fender. She had an unzipped leather jacket and no helmet, let alone gloves, boots, or riding pants. She kinda gave us a little wave as they motored on at 85 mph or so. I felt a bit wimpy for feeling cold.


Hey there. We finally got our sheit set up at the warehouse, including the the HD video camera, the PTT two way radios, and the super-duper secret hiding spot for cash and plastic. Check it out . .

I love motorbike stuff...

It felt great to get back on the bikes. The weather was fair, maybe a bit chilly, but nothing compared to the ride down in October, or the weather at home. It was the first time I ever rode a bike with a motor in Florida. Here is the state sign, and the back of the same sign. I feel safe here with all the fine folks packing heat.

After a fine dinner at Hooters, we are holed up in a super 8 motel in Crestview Florida. Tomorrow we will cross into Alabama, over the Mobile Bay, and hopefully through New Orleans. I have to mention that the drainage infrastructure along the I-10 is amazing. The concrete lined ditches and check dams with overflows and spillways are really cool. I wonder who models all that stuff... After the rain that we had last night, I can see why they need all that. I also love hydrolgy stuff....

All for now,


  1. yeeeehaw. more later baybie crying - no, not Erin

  2. OK I'm gonna keep this clean - who's got skidmarks from eating at Taco Bell??? and Jack and the Box??? Kool postings. Keep on rollin - safe, sound and loco