Saturday, January 30, 2010

mayan ruins and monkeys

A quick update tonight before heading to Guatemala tomorrow, where I hope there are easy internet connections, but not sure.

Today was a bit of a down day, for the first time on the trip we stayed in the same place two nights in a row. San Igantio and area has lots to offer.

We went across a hand operated cable ferry to a Mayan ruin site dating back to 900BC. The site was pretty well deserted when we arrived, a few people showed up later. Apparently each head guy in the Mayan world added on to the main building to show that his empire was greater than the previous. The result are terraced building which have great views of the valley from the top. You can see for a long way, into Guatemala which is a few miles away.

The ferry operator/engine. One hand crank, a little steel cable strung to shore, and an old truck wheel and you have an eco-friendly ferry
The main "plaza" of the Maya site.

The main temple.

While at the main temple I saw rustling in the trees behind. Too big for a bird and high in the tree. There were six or so monkeys hanging out, watching us watch them. When I went down to the edge of the jungle ( and into it a bit) a few of the monkeys broke of twigs and threw thew to the ground to tell me to buzz off. You could say they went a bit ape. One of them came over to have a closer look. He started to get a bit close and being from New Brunswick I have little man to monkey experience so I just walked backwards and told him he was a good little monkey.

We named him George
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  1. I magnified the mankey image and I noticed some resemblance to a couple of super-jocks whom I've met over the years.. no, not you wedgie!!! good to see that you stopped to take in the temples. Did you find any bootie, like Indie in that movie Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom? We were down to your place today Peter; I brought you a souvenir from Mexico City and some of your ol' books that I don;t care to steal any longer... Anyway, spah-dupah blog. Great to see you're still wheeling along.... Peace.